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Hello everyone, it is with great pleasure that I count you among the visitors of this blog. So welcome ... home.

I am Adeline and would like to be able to make you laugh or cry too. Personally when I have the joy and the chance to write, well it makes me laugh or shed many sobs. In fact, I really like to write but this real passion started in Terrebonne. It is such a beautiful and natural place that I fell in love with. And then I drop my article which a passerby picks up and begins to read. With tears in his eyes he said to me: are you a journalist? No sir. So become it. So I try it and forgive me for anything that could hurt you. Let me believe that your laughter will be stronger.

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Montreal - New York II

Okay, that's correct I understood you. A bit like General de Gaulles said on June 4, 1958 during his speech at the end of the terrible and murderous war in Algeria. At that time, the French in Algeria

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