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After 3 months at Regroupelles the shelter

Mis à jour : 20 mai 2020

And the end of the 3 months has arrived written by Adeline S

How did it go?

One thing is obvious: the end of the 3 months has arrived for the abused ladies. They were guided ahelped by the 5 or 15 working like thousands.

Yes for some it will be teary-eyed by promising to meet again. Here we already offer the meal together (mutually) in our new home.

One fact is certain in the wake of these ladies. They had arrived with a bag so heavy that they had difficulty carrying it and moving forward.

And after 3 months it was lightened: changed the clothes forced to wear by these gentlemen. What about their accumulated suffering? Because they have been abused.

Remember, they were forced to kneel. One thing is sure during these 3 months they weren't.

For some, they progressed rapidly, each working at a sustained pace. For others it was more gradual. Not really proud with repeated panic attacks and panic attacks. Can we say that they will all reach their goal? Without a doubt.

For all it will be with a renewed and lightened bag.

A few of then prayed so much that they forgave him for this brutal gentleman while for others it was not the same.

How will they get back to life ???

Here at Regroupelles the fridge and the room seemed to be hers. In truth, they could eat anything they wanted there, but it was not their property. So here they are at the back of the door. They will have to get out. Yes the 3 months have arrived and the exit seems inevitable … And now the handle of this door pushes to shop for a new fridge in a new room.

God bye dear Regroupelles my memory and my respect for you is and will remain for an immeasurable good time.

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