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Anglican church

Oops I wrote Anglicans but I largely thought Protestants, same attitude, same difficulty.

What do you mean and what happened? Why protest?

Could you explain us?

In truth, I always like to pray.

And then fate turned me to do it in English. No, not all English but more non-French speakers. Yes, they accept all of us even the French. They have a real way and ways of doing things that I don't know because I don't execute them. Yes, they are Canadian-English speakers. These ways and ways seem strange to me. Irritable. Strange? Yes would it be because STRANGEr? Yes surely they are you. But wouldn't you be the foreigner? I thought you were born in Paris, France. Ok it's me the FOREIGNER. Yes Yes Yes.

But before it was in Spanish with Salvadorans the difference was absent or hardly present. As I told you, the whole problem is with Canadian English speakers. Are they talking too fast without caring about you?

No, no it is not the English problem: they smile politely and seem to understand me. My young French charm perhaps. Don't know.

In fact all this problem exploded with Zoom (software to meet each other in which I am graciously invited). What did they do? Assaults? Disrespect?

It does not surprise me with Anglos.

But let's see these people are adorable with me. I learn all kinds of things with them. Well, I don't understand your problem.

Okay, I tell you.

Firstly, they are very very large and thin or even immense. I who am relatively tall, well, they impress me.

Second, they do not move their hands when they speak. Back straight and light smile full of compassion and restraint even when I dare say a joke to roll on the ground. Their arms and hands seem to stick on their chest.

In fact it is when they sing and play wonderful music that they unfold their arms at that time. They glorify Him and pray to Him thus.

Sorry my dear French Quebecois, you are on average smaller and Catholic while my dear Anglican Canadians are obviously Protestants and very tall.

So if you happen to be visiting the Anglican Church, go there they will welcome you and will be happy to know you whether you are Catholic, Jewish or Muslim Protestants, French speakers, English speakers, whether you move your arms, .. . or not.

Come we will be present, But why this fierce faith and this need to visit full of multilingual churches?

Nice question maybe I would have the joy of meeting you. So maybe with your arms glued or not we will see.

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