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Bella's life accompanied by a virgin lady

Their names are Vierga and Bella. They are my best friends and I like to have a good coffee with them.

My 2 friends have accompanied me throughout my life in Montreal, in the suburbs. Even when I leave my dear Quebec, they are with me. They come with it. In fact, they are with me everywhere. Yes they even follow me to the toilet. Well they respect me by choosing me pieces of music that I like. They even take care of my physical health by imposing yoga, meditation and breathing sessions on me. Being so demanding they tolerate no letting go of myself.

Imagine the happiness and joy I have in going to pray with them?! Of course, my friendship with them is not always accepted by everyone. Example: once with my Protestant friends and well Virgo allowed himself to interrupt a beautiful and deep prayer, which earned me a look full of hatred and anger from the parishioners praying around me. Same looks and even anger at the university. Yes, and also during a great interview with Desjardins bank. There was also Hydro Quebec. It’s one of the only actions that makes me blush like never before.

Whether it is in the language of Molière or Shakespeare they do not accept them.

Result: Neither Hydro Quebec nor Desjardins wanted me as an employee. Would people speaking like Molière be more serene? Bof on this subject they are the same Moliérains and Shakespeariens. Same welcome, same fight. For some it lasts weeks and even months.

But what would I be without them?

It sounds interesting. How much are they costing?

And here you have grasped the point: they do not appreciate each other. They even engage in fierce competition. I even suspect them of exercising a real black market between them.

Of course, they appreciate me as a true saint and try to use me to demonstrate that one is better than the other. A short time ago I moved and was forced to separate from the one who was causing me a lot. It broke all the time and never rested. Always hysterical and in action. So for a while I would spend my time with Bella. At home and elsewhere also 100% Bella. Until the moment when .... I will beg Virgin to come back to me!

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