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Every Morning... at Terrebonne

And here it is, once again, it's over. It's like every morning. This precise moment takes place at the end of the night and of this very strange, almost unknown time. This is the time when we have a challenge and find ourselves alone with ourselves. This time may vary from person to person. During these few hours, one can meditate, pray, forgive or just be anxious.

Once past 10 p.m. - 8 a.m., we're supposed to be recharged. Each in our own way, we are ready,

What do we have to do ? Another challenge? Indeed, it is time to open your eyes and transfer the body from the horizontal position to the vertical. We are all calling not to be inactive and to get up. This call is curious, and fabulous too. It is a call, natural or divine for some. There is this call, which takes us by the collar, silently and naturally for some, while it is with the help of the howls of an alarm clock for others. These howls are progressive and louder and louder. But that's it, we're ready. This preparation varies for everyone.

It’s very curious. First, we send a first signal, eyes closed: beware, Adeline, you slept last night and you are in the middle of Terrebonne, and not Westmount. In fact, this beautiful place is reserved for Jane and Mélanie. In truth, this place is a lot like the United States. You dream of going there, you go there, stay only a little while and you return very happy to Terrebonne or elsewhere, to your home.

So, let's resume, at 4 o'clock this morning as usual, and in my apartment in Terrebonne, I send this message to my body: "beware, be ready, because you're going to open your eyes." "

So, bravely and obediently, I do it. »Eyes half closed, in the hoped-for and desired half-light. I do a light scan of my body before my morning prayer. I thank my body and Its Creator because my body seems well ready to circulate, for this day. We'll see later, for tomorrow.

So, I have to switch my position, eyes half closed and almost open, stretched out and accompanied by my mind. I cry out, Lord, would You kindly accompany me, for this demanding first morning effort?

That's it, gradually, my body is recovering, gently and slowly. It's okay Adeline, you seem well organized. In fact, you have everything prepared: your prayers and morning body check. Even if you are still in your pajamas, you seem very classy to us now and for the moment. Thank you, dear readers. Thank you.

So, in this effort my feet land gently on the ground. First, I sit up and open my eyes fully.

Quite frankly, I stumble a bit hanging on all over the place in this darkness. But I want to, because that's something an Indian master told me: every morning, as soon as you open your eyes, make them work by leaving them in the dark. A little he said. A little, but do it every day.

So I go to the bathroom to empty my bladder and then brush my teeth which I love so much. And then, since it's 4 a.m. and the sun is starting to rise, you have to say hello and then respond to everyone who wrote you a nice message.

The day must also be prepared. And dear Readers, how do you manage to go vertical?

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