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For Natalie my sister at heart


Quickly dear Sister, we met. A real flash no no no no love. We were and still are in love with you gentlemen. Yes, if it is because of or thanks to some of you that our meeting took place, I do not know. Read on and we'll study your conclusion, then.

Yes, we were responsible for your brutality which allowed us to find ourselves, at Regroupelles. Yes, we discussed these attacks and what we would do next. It seemed to us that for Adeline it would be never again…. for a time surely. Yes, okay, whereas for you it was the opposite, my dear Sister: To hear you, you seemed to fall in love with everyone. It made you happy, you said.

No, but for now let's just remember the happiness and intensity of our meetings:

8am: you were shouting "cursed French" This catchy phrase made me laugh and it was a great launch of the day, I said to myself.

I rushed to answer "damned Quebecer" to announce my awakening.

With all this mayhem, we kindly awakened the world without realizing it.

We had to prepare, we were very busy: IVAC, CALLAC, we worked tirelessly.

At 4:00 p.m. it was time to “rock” as you said. You will have to satisfy your throats and your morale. You behind the oven and pans while I’m with my pc and my cell. As soon as a dish was finished, we exchanged: you reread the written part and I did the dishes while tasting one of your delicious dishes.

At 7 p.m., we were all proud and ready to welcome the others. A little background of music with Qui a le droit and Lettre à Lévesque as well as your fabulous dishes and reading my writing fresh for a few hours, helped bring tears to our eyes,

Yes, we lived very poorly hoping, dreaming, or praying at all times. When our need for tenderness was too strong then you would deploy your long arms to hold me tight in your heart.

And then we started. We were going to have to be obedient, sorry Lord, we weren't, very much.

For you Sister, your cold and morbid gaze sounded like a death knell. This came to cool the atmosphere, sowing coldness and distress. Sometimes with a good bottle of red or white (2 small glasses for Adeline, the rest for you dear) you told me a few words about your aggression. Really unhappy and unsightly, the guy. It is true that sometimes we were a little drunk. We didn't talk much about it compared to your daughters and the immense love you have for them. Even if you slipped me a few words of your great disappointment at being able to communicate at all with one and well, even if you deeply regret it, your love towards them was equitable to each.

Yes, we lived very poorly hoping, dreaming, or praying at all times. When our need for tenderness was too strong then you would deploy your long arms to hold me tight in your heart.

One of my best experiences with you, Natalie has been writing the text on our accommodation at Regroupelles posted in this blog. You had to go out and smoke your cigarette. I sighed in frustration because we were having such a good time that I couldn't accept the inconvenience of someone or something. You turned your head quickly and said, “Write a text that will be read and listened to by everyone. Make us cry! 5 min later and the text was written. And here it is: Terrebonne newspaper will be contacted the next day by your care dear Natalie, with the desire for Adeline, to write again and again.

Yes, we were so different, but only our friendship and love allowed us to move forward and forgive and even manage to forget our attacks.

A few months and discussions later, we did not move too far from each other it would be more practical to organize our trip ... to Paris and your birthday in which I would have the joy and the honor to participate. Sorry but the saliva comes to my lips just thinking of your extraordinary choco cake with your succulent healthy juice. You also offered to read this text on July 13, 2020, the date of your birthday, I believe.

Of course, I would be happy to read our mutual promise: The first one who will be in Heaven will manage to rain Tenderness unceasingly so that Love will reign until the end of days.

Completely busy with the preparations, Johanne (one of her great friends) very insistently asked me to be one of my Facebook contacts.

Am very happy, here is her first sentence:

"Adeline, I'm sorry to tell you that Nathalie died on June 14, 2020. Heart attack:"

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