• Adeline

How impressive you are!

But what then Adeline?

Well these 3 ladies, of course.

Do you want to stop bothering me for nothing at all? 3 ladies, there are many in Ladies Land.

Yes, but 3 ladies here have something special that it is difficult for me to explain to you, dear little voice. I know that it can exasperate you greatly when I dare to disturb you for nothing at all. But come with me, I'll explain everything.

First, they are all 3 gracefully beautiful.

Yes, you told me about their straight back and their discreet smile. Full of compassion even when you dare to make a joke to roll on the floor. Compared to you and your joviality. You laugh endlessly and without reason. Dear Adeline, people come to you just to relax and unwind.

Yes, I know. Could it be their immense wisdom?

So graciously beautiful and immense wisdom. What else? Are they tall?

Yes, dear little voice. They are huge.

Let’s sum up straight backs, gracefully beautiful, filled with immense wisdom. Something else?

Yes, they do not move their hands when they speak.

Ok. I understand when you talk about being impressed. Yes, I see but who could explain this?

In fact, it happened today. It was the birthday of one of them. I thought about giving a little presentation. So, it was in English, okay. But I follow my course without knowing a single cancellation to allow me to better write this language that fascinates me so much: the language of Shakespeare of course.

Besides, my teacher is American. But the one who provided me with the photos is British. The third is Canadian. Well, the 3 of them congratulated me, thanked me warmly and in one voice. It’s so beautiful to read to you, ladies.

Ok. But tell me honestly dear Adeline, do they speak such English in a different way?

Yes of course. But none of the three stands out, diminishing one of them. Never seen and never perceived. Their respect for others is magnificent and soothing.

In fact, they are all three Christ believers, practitioners and teachers of His Word.

But would they be Protestant?

Yes, for me, yes definitely. I like to be protestant also.

What about them? Christians say they, definitively and with one voice

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