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let's talk about that, death

So too bad I go.

I try to write about death

Just writing this word makes my heart ache

As a cheerful and respectful Protestant, that I am, I am told and repeated that it is a sin to hang on to elderly people who are aware that their lives having been reversed have less future than past. Every Sunday, I sing to His Glory and His goodness. His return, too.

Am I ready for this? Honestly, yes. When He comes, I will find all the known Christians on my way who would not have left me afterwards. Yes, when you are it is time, come my Lord I am waiting for you,

Well why this feeling of abandonment which is so arduous and difficult for me? While waiting for my departure and my death too. Sure waiting for but not expecting to. It will be my turn to leave everyone and go for a great vacation as they say while others like to say I am not going to sleep but make a transformation. I find Him after so many prayers and songs to attract him.

And here it is this feeling which is hard for me. They become invisible and I do not see them.

I? Why is this "I" so important?

So, let's conclude to a real selfishness.

I really like being with people older than I. They are gold in me passing on their wisdom and experiences. They accept me and love spending time with me. Are you sure they are? Is it costly for them? They have 60.70, 80, or even 90, and 100. And they always welcome me without grumbling or resenting the luck and happiness that I have to be 34. They think about it, probably but do not say a word about. A light smile full of understanding, wisdom and compassion is enough for them. They know they are no longer time. A

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