• Adeline

Letter to the depressed, anxious, and future suicides

It is with all my respect and admiration for you that I decide to write you a few sentences that are far too long and take up your time, yet so precious and so short at the moment.

In fact, when I started teaching at McGill, I was jubilant and started to think I was above everyone else. Yes I didn't love anyone anymore and spoke German at home with my ex-fiancé Bernhard, here in Montreal. In fact, I couldn't switch too easily from German (much better for me than English) to English.

For no reason, I relentlessly criticized Rosemary, Bernhard’s mother and Prof MacKenzie, a real teacher dedicating his life to teaching. He is 80 years old and brought me back to McGill. He always invited me to eat and attend bagpipe concerts.

So, I had to stop McGill to find myself at Concordia, and the first few years without Bernhard were going very well, I shone and excelled. After the 2nd year, I was very lucky to be hired. It was good because I was going to exercise the profession of my dreams: English economics teacher in an English-speaking university.

And that's when I met Jean Pierre and then Mary.

With Jean Pierre, I no longer had time to study and became a real rebel and delinquent.

Mary met the two of us (JP and Adeline) in the taxi. And quickly she invited us to Belle et la Boeuf to eat.

And quickly she suggested that I leave JP. She told me that he decided everything for me and that I risked assault. That he did.

And then Mary continued every Saturday at 12 p.m. - 4 p.m. inviting me to Fullford. And during all of our visits, she was so severe and strict with me that I started to hate her.

One day, I was crying and lowering my head saying "you're so harsh with me that I can't do it anymore my stomach hurts so much." "

In response, she opened the door to her room and said dryly, "Go away, then. It's very cold (-40) outside and it will do you good”

I replied, trembling: Would you give me a chance?

She says to me "only if you work seriously, pray intensely and study His Word. It's your choice. Door always open.

Dear all, at that moment, I really hated her but at the same time, I saw a small light of the end of dark tunnel.

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