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Letter your intention Ms. Ramsay and Mr. Potter

I'm writing you a letter that you might read if you have time. I just received, on June 14, a very threatening letter of obligations, full of prohibitions to be respected until June 28, 2020

Dear Ms Ramsay and Mr Potter, I don't want to follow all these prohibitions that limit my behavior and my freedom. I am not on Earth so as not to continue to invite and dialogue with poor people in need.

This is not to make you angry but my decision is made, I will not follow what is written, but will disobey at the risk of having my quarantine extended.

Since I was born, I have listened to loud singing to the point of knowing by heart Georges Brassens and his song Les copains.

Three times a day, they put a gun to check my temperature ranging from 36.2 to 36.5. Everything is beautiful I am told. For the past 9 days, everything has been beautiful.

But then why did I get here and what happened on June 14?

Well, 2 Quebecers came home with a magnificent chair. As they were deaf, they knocked very hard on my door before coming in.

They did not speak but howled their disappointment at not wanting to give their luxurious armchair to an English speaker. In addition, as I joined my hands, they had seen that I was praying, (with you dear Madame Ramsay and Pastor Trevor), and asked, howling, why not come to their Catholic church in Terrebonne with them?

So, it’s my turn to yell that I’m not an English speaker or a Catholic.

I close my eyes exhausted by this story. By opening them I see the chief director of the Residence where I am, and…. The armchair in the background in front of me. Yes, she had chased the two Quebecers out and said to me: "I hope you are well Adeline because I am putting you in quarantine for 14 days.

Adeline, she said to me with your English people friends and your prayers, you are able to overcome that. "

I swallowed and it was with tears in my eyes and full of sorrows that I contacted you, dear Madame Ramsay and Pastor Trevor.

In fact, that very evening, I placed myself on your shoulders confident that I would get some compassion and affection.

Look what you sent me back by email or phone:

Madame Ramsay: I have to laugh. Do you remember saying to me, “I want to grow FAST?” I thought at the time, born out of much experience, those were dangerous words, that very soon the Lord would begin to teach you and that you would enter into His school of training, of further transformation which can be quite painful. It is then that we question ourselves - how much do I really love Jesus? Think about it! NEVER FORGET THAT NOTHING IS EVER BY CHANCE IN THE LORD. THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES

Lo and behold, hands tightly pressed to my chest and installed under my knees, I swallow once.

Pastor Trevor: Adeline, this is a little lesson for your mini quarantine. You have to learn by reading the whole chapter of the Philippians. Adeline, there are only 4 chapters, so stop complaining and use your time effectively by reading His word.

And lo and behold, hands tightly pressed to my chest installed under my knees, I swallow again.

Lord, please tell me, do they want to make me thank You and lower my head trying as best I can to understand and apply what you want me to do. Really? If that's right, allow me a little time to pray to You and go read and meditate on Your word, in order to feel it installed in my soul. Yes, in silence and… well shut up, of course.

In the meantime, this very unpleasant and very painful stay, I have to address the sympathetic supervisors who have become so abrupt and severe with me. Lord, would you be using them so that I understand my lesson better? I should have stayed calm but this luxurious armchair was exactly what I wanted.

Yes, you obviously expect my dear Savior that I thank you tenderly full of Wisdom on the essential quickly forgotten in this text: that my temperature is between 36.2 and 36.6. Certainly, I am in quarantine for ... nothing. But what if I couldn't quarantine myself but had the COVID virus? It's up to you ...

I beg you to believe Madame Ramsay and Pastor Trevor in the assurance of my deep respect for your immense wisdom and to display your immense biblical fervor to invoke it highly and to remind it stoically and severely without any consideration of my many tears and my continuing complaints, Adeline

PS: this text was written and thought with all my love and gratitude for the Lord Jesus Christ and you. For any questions or complaints please do not hesitate to contact me by email or my cell: 438 993 6680, I am and would be completely available to answer you.

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