• Adeline

life in the refuge called Regroupelles

there are 5 or 15 of them working like thousands. Welcoming hundreds of women injured and bruised by their husbands. Yes, whatever the cost, they no longer wanted to live on their knees. Coming from everywhere, Montreal, Paris, Ahustic, they no longer wanted to live on their knees. Yes, there is Nadine, Adeline, Anne, or Marie Lou. They had received from the Gentlemen, their rages and their blows, so brutal that they were burned, raped and humiliated. They forced them to kneel. They arrive at Regroup'elles, which is more truly of them. Receiving all these blows had made them lose their confidence and their identity. And then all these workers are there at Regroup'elles. They are 10 or 15 and have a bold mission to raise them. They work like thousands. Smile, we open the door. "Welcome Madam". The nice, abused and mistreated woman trembling under the weight of her bag and her misfortune. What would she become? ... but his bag was so heavy. But what was in there? His life or what was left of it. All these women having lived their lives under the blows and subjected to the authority of these gentlemen. It was so brutal and violent. No, they no longer wanted to live on their knees. So "welcome home, Madam". We offer her a room that will be hers alone. Personal and confidential. Presqu'incognito. They can therefore take refuge there whenever they want and have the right to cry.

Bunch of madame would you forget?! Humiliated, frightened and attacked, and so on. But then a room and a fridge to come back to in life? And forget about their life before.

Yes you seem to forget that she no longer wanted to live on her knees. This is when the workers, working like thousands, bring their courage to the heart. The next day, a worker presents herself as a confidant for the lady. Reassuring 24 hours a day. They will have only one objective, a mission to follow for 3 months, date on which they must absolutely leave Regroup'elles. What madness of life. We will have to dialogue with IVAC CALAC and blabla. Some even speak of a scam. And then also the police and again the psychologist.

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