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Life with almond trees residence

There are 5 or 15 working like thousands. All of this takes place in the heart of Terrebonne.

They have only one wish, one will or one mission. It is helping and rendering service to others. Of course, you would say to me, they are paid for that.

But are they enough?

A real madness of life has arrived, in Quebec, Canada and the whole world. Yes, it was during the pandemic the Government (yet so generous). If they stopped their contracts and their missions, they would get $ 2000. Panic on board. If they left, it would be on a direct stretcher. Direction cemetery without going through emergencies. It will be Direct as they say. Yes, hunger would have taken us. What about bacteria? Because no shower and bath possible. Bacteria and viruses would have free rein. It would be joy and total happiness. Would it be the same for these ladies and gentlemen residents? Let's watch together. Yes, give more details because we don't understand anything.

So if they did not come, it would leave Ladies and Gentlemen from the 1st without cooked food and also without some washing (body and clothes) and no cleaning too. Yes, he would accompany the stretcher for the cemetery destination!

No, no and no. It is written and read without exaggeration. Say it again and again.

In fact, during the Pandemic, residents could not leave their apartment. So sometimes just their one and only morning sentence. "Hello, how are you?" Can just fill them with joy ... Or sadden them too.

Yes, the joy and happiness of preparing good meals or offering them to yourself?! But maybe they never could. Who knows?. Ah if those 10 or 15 who work like thousands. . If it happens to ask a question that is far too intrusive, they discreetly and politely retort this sentence: "I don't know what you want to talk about" before turning the conversation away.

Yes, it is over and finished for ... life. Ladies and gentlemen, you're going to have to ask ... who, then? Well 10 or 15 working like thousands.

Sometimes in addition to cooking, cleaning they can offer several therapy session s as well. Always in confidentiality.

But the first ones were the 10 or 15 working like thousands.

So in return for all this, let us dare to say an immense Thank you and an immense courage to continue. Please stay 10 or 15 and work like thousands. More than essential workers, you are men and women necessary for all.

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