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Meeting with Huguette

About a month ago, I met Huguette. Please, dear readers, let me draw your attention. Don't tell me that you dare to forget this difficult time: my quarantine time. Huguette + forced donation of the chair. Dissatisfied supervisor and fourteen days quarantine. Ok you seem to remember it.

Go and come with me, I forgave her, of course. See article on my letter to Mary Ramsay and Pastor Trevor.

Certainly, she will remain Catholic until the end of her life while I would remain stoically Protestant to die of it.

Now and for the past 2 weeks, she has filled me with gifts: homemade jam, gift of a beautiful desk and a magnificent chair, where I can write this text, for example.

I try to give her a mini payment, which she categorically refuses. In truth, we don't chat, we howl. The only explanation is that she is 80 years old and cannot hear in one ear. One or both, I don't know ...But who cares?

After my umpteenth installment attempt, she yells at me to keep your money, because Wednesday at 2:45 pm, we will go to the hairdresser. I can no longer see you with your shaggy hair, too long and untidy. Protestants do their hair like that? And your English Protestants?

I'm stammering, not at all. (All of a sudden, I can only remember your classy hair, dear Anglican Community. No one has let it go, like me, I agree.)

At that moment, she ignites, howling even louder. Now listen to me, lovely lady, Wednesday at 2 p.m., I want to see you ready to get in my car. Also prepare your money. I would not accept any delay. I leave you to your prayers, and your English people.

The time has finally come. As usual, first there is panic, replaced by my prayers, allowing me the necessary reasoning.

12:45 p.m. Wednesday, someone knocked on my door. Aside from her, no one succeeds in making me jump in this way.

She comes in and says to me: We're going, hurry. So, I get confused with apologies. And stammer while swallowing: Madame Huguette, you are so early.

She answers confidently: you are silent, it is I who drive and I give you the authorization to get inside MY car to go to an appointment that I myself undertook.

Come on, but why so slow. If I were your age, I can tell you ...

I gulped and dared to yell at her, my eyes with a few tears: "don't you see, that I have a problem with my right knee preventing me from walking well?"

Of course, I see it. But where has your daily fight gone? Your daily stroll and your absolute refusal to sit in that cursed wheelchair. While this seems so tempting. Let me participate in your fight by supporting you at all times.

She said these words calmly and without yelling. Anyway, I'm starting to love her, this lady. Before she starts screaming again but now, please ask me to move and leave my sluggishness and slowness aside.

That's it. I get up from my chair (which has been hers for many years) and as quickly as possible, I get out of my apartment, the ball in my stomach. What is going on?

And yes, and unfortunately, I'm leaving in my socks. She realizes it, and says to me: the keys to your apartment and tell me, the color of your shoes ‘(deep inside, I think, you only have one pair, dear, Adeline).

I answer lividly and as loud as possible: Red

She comes out holding my shoes in her hand and yelling at me to take off my socks which are of little use. She tied my shoelaces, saying, ‘I know you can do it but as you will go in my car, I am the one in charge.’ Now move and walk quickly to the exit. Arriving in front of the car, I sit still masked like her, attentive and respecting the rules.

No, quarantine, we don't want to think about it anymore. We have given enough.

We drive, quietly, but properly. Nothing to report. Just a driver, daring to overtake us on the right.

Look at that, Adeline, a really sickening guy ...

In fact, we arrive in front of the Hair Salon and this very funny experience happened. She will have to unfold my beautiful walker, so extraordinary and efficient.

She gets angry, and puts all her energy into the machine. So much so that the hairdresser, in person, approaches to put in her efforts in order to unfold the machine. With her scissors, her mask and her towel around her neck.

Never mind the machine does not move an iota, with these two strong people armed with courage.

In this inconvenience, we were obliged to appeal to another client. She tells us that she is a nurse and unfolds it in seconds.

Phew saved. Not really, I say to myself, by opening the door. At that moment, Huguette shouts at me "you follow me and you have to sit here. "

I obey and here I am sitting and trembling, I dare to show the photo, during my last stay in Paris.

Madame Johanne, that's how I want it. Let's go and my shaggy cut will be beautiful again I said to myself, I have to close my eyes not to doubt and to pray.

But after a few minutes of cutting, I saw and felt Huguette who grabbed the broom and the shovel while screaming: it's not a bonus with you, dear Adeline, it's a real job to pick up all your mop on the ground, And then , raise your feet, I will pick it all up.

There will be enough for two shovels, minimum. Suddenly, she sits down before telling me clearly, joining the gesture to the word: give me your mask, because it does slip on your mouth and prevents the hair dresser, to work properly by removing this mop. She was right, because the hair went into my mouth. I risked real suffocation soon.

Abruptly, she takes the mask and Huguette tightened it. And it was true that at that time once again, I soon risked a real suffocation. The air between my mouth and the salon never flowed.

The ultimate question at this moment must be very clear: did you get your hair cut?

Yes, I would answer you without hesitation.

Are you satisfied with it? Of course not. I remember one thing when I arrived at the checkout, still wearing my mask and barely able to breathe, having said: thank you, goodbye and see you next time like the queen of idiots.

So, when I got back, I was greeted warmly by the residents at Terrebonne who looked astonished: you are very pretty, and it seems that something has changed. This time it took my breath away when I was applauded and buoyed up with compliments.

Considering this situation so difficult, I was unable to provide any response ... like the queen of idiots.

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