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Molière - Shakespeare at Montreal (English)

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Once in the language of Molière everything lights up while falling into Shakespeare is the worst.

Let's risk the comparison and study

When someone speaks French to me and I answer it, it's so good, nice and enjoyable.

We are all there, Jean-Jacques, Mathilde, Colette and so on. We discuss and we exchange and theorize.

Suddenly and all at once they break the enthusiasm: "hello how are you?"

Let's risk the comparison and study

We swallow. Let's see we are all together the French Gard (La Garde Française) from McGill and Concordia. We sit down to work a dozen Francos as they call us. They? The Shakespearians of course!

We are ten and there are five.

So in the dozen Moliérians 5 to continue in French 5 to switch in English.

So we shock each other and stretch our fists up.

Let us risk the comparison and study.

Yes let's observe an entire city (Montreal) has separated. To the East, the Francos to the West, the Anglos.

A law to * protect * French speaking in Quebec

Understand that Montcalm and Woolf died

So let’s understand would mean * risk* ? Nowadays can a law repress passions? Did it succeed? I leave you the conclusion!

Let's go back to our history of Franco-Anglos.

These 15 students seated at McGill had to go home because of a big winter storm. -45 and 50 cm of snow.

That's wonderful. No hesitation to support and join hands. So for the comparison that should determine the best and let's recognize the absurdity of the exercise ... at this moment. Oui? Or.....not.



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