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Montreal - New York II

Okay, that's correct I understood you. A bit like General de Gaulles said on June 4, 1958 during his speech at the end of the terrible and murderous war in Algeria. At that time, the French in Algeria felt deceived by his intentions.

My dear readers, would you have felt deceived by my work? I do not know. I love you so much that I will be writing the rest of my epic experience in New York.

So, still in my 3 and a half in Terrebonne and at this moment, I close my eyes. Come with me please, let's go back fourteen years. READY? COME AND HANG ON, AND LET’S GO.

That's it we are at our destination and the bus stops. Okay, I threw away my essays. Handcuffed and hooded, enough is enough.

In fact, here we are: that's it, the bus stops. The driver said over a microphone, in a cheerful voice, "Welcome to New York city. Enjoy! He would like to see me and luckily, I gave him a small package with a few pancakes in it. He said to me: I will eat them quickly and discreetly because I do not know if the police would be happy to see me with it. As long as it's in your stomach and other people's stomachs, we're okay. Goodbye lovely lady, and once again: “Welcome to New York city. Enjoy! "

The pancakes were all eaten and well shared while my ego was well flattered. Everyone full of smiles thanking me for allowing the passengers on the bus to have felt like they were in Paris with the wine and the pancakes. My well installed cap was also part of it, maybe. I do not know. Victory of having passed immigration accompanied by all my disobedience and also, the admiration and love for the United States.

And then, I start to tremble again and to feel a small pain in the stomach forcing me to open my eyes to reassure me. It's good, I am well settled in my 3 and a half in Terrebonne. But how good to remember.

I close them quickly. Here we go and this famous phrase pronounced quickly at the 1st stop and the opening of the metro doors: "mind the gap". And then that's it, we have to get off at the "Bronx" station. But there were really so many black people…

I, who was slowly and slowly coming out of my little Quebec, well, we would have to be strong and above all be more tolerant of the acceptance of strangeness in an unknown country that I dreamed of and admired.

The Americans I met seemed so tall, even huge, with an above average level of fat. What multiculturalism!

I was well seated in their subway seat so comfortable and extra large to accommodate everyone. Well polite and gallant, they stand up for all pregnant, lame or old people.

Yes, no matter where they came from, they seemed to walk arrogantly and spoke this beautiful English, full of confidence.

But did it come from the fact that they were at home in New York (USA). I open my eyes to dare a little analysis:

Being the first in finance, education and therefore without any apprehension, they allow themselves to accept almost everyone. They seem to have a mission: to accept everyone, without any racism and interest where we come from.

So, let me compare with the Europeans: when they are in their respective native lands, they have to keep it. Would this duty therefore make them so distant and chauvinistic in the face of each other's strangeness? In fact, it is mostly when they are in THEIR lands. I'll leave the conclusion to you.

Now I have to close my eyes, so we go out, the "mind the gap" has been bravely spoken.

My friend, Noémie whispered softly to me: “Adeline, you must stay with me at all times. I have to go get some money”. So, outside the Bronx subway, we sit outside. My girlfriend takes her wallet and repeats, “Stay here, don't talk to anyone and watch the bags. Okay? "

She had barely left and 5 huge black people with huge smiles told me: "you seem so stressed, Madam". In panic , I lay down with all my body on the bags accompanied by this pain in the stomach so violent that it gave me this nausea. Let's imagine the silliness of the situation together: The pretty twenty-year-old lady that I was, lying on her bags and unable to utter a single word, Hang on, please dear readers, I was shaking and putting my hands in front of my face as if I received many repetitive slaps.

Yet these five lovely boys said: let's protect her, because she is in danger here. They came a few steps of exactly 5 paces, on the 4th I started screaming. They had their hands on their heads though, so as not to frighten me. My screams made Noémie suddenly exit the bank with her bank card and notes in her hand. She said thank you, gentlemen, she is my friend.

Thinking about it and having my eyes closed, I smile. But why, could this meeting with these big and nice boys put me in this state?

And then, as I seemed hungry, my friend invited me to a Haitian restaurant with her family of 200 people. Of course, I was the only white one and the food was amazing and filling. The portion sizes were staggering. What a good memory. Finally, I left the table without feeling hungry. They seemed happy and happy to see me eat so much while staying slim. «How do you do that? And what is your diet?» Noémie answers for me: « She was born in France ».

Then we go to visit the World Trade Center. Of course, I got a little souvenir medal, of that magnificent view from above at night, of course. This feeling of power shared with the great. Well, between you and me in the middle of Terrebonne, I feel stronger.

So, still in my 3 and a half in Terrebonne and at this moment, I open my eyes. It was way too cool to share this memory with you. There you go, you seem to be impatient to know my return by bus to Canada. I will think again and offer it to you later. While waiting for "mind the gap" Okay?

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