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New York- Montreal III and end

New York- Montreal

So let's go back together, with eyes closed and heart beating quickly. My dear readers, you know the story because you asked me by writing to me or telling me: we need a sequel and end of the story.

All is well, I feel so good because the ride is smooth. A damn beautiful road as the driver told me, from Quebec of course. The roads are bumpy in Quebec. Oh but it's so calming to ride like this.

At that moment, I squeeze my eyelids even tighter. Even, in the heart of Terrebonne, armed with my growing and powerful American love, I feel like I'm on the bus. I feel myself flying. Could it be this power and immense confidence, of Americas? I'm a little sad because I won't hear the famous: "mind the gap" anymore, at least for now.

In Canada, I would take the time to taste my dear pancakes without the aggressive Pitbull around.

Quebec driver Jean, stopped and shouted through his microphone: US-Canada border in an hour: please get rid of any food or products that may attract US Security when entering Canada.

A few minutes later, I have to open my eyes because… I remember.

I close them quickly. A security guard takes the microphone and says in a non-American accent that I like: Everyone out here with immigration papers.

And here I am getting out of the bus, very calm and reassured. At that moment, a kind and benevolent Pitbull comes to meet me, and… .. gently strokes my hand with his mouth.

A long hallway in shadow looms ahead. Written in big letters:


So the security guard yells at me, what have you been doing in New York?

I respond by sitting up and smiling, I climbed to the top of the Empire State Building and felt in control of the Universe with the Americans.

At that moment, the pit bull takes a leap and lands in my lap, whimpering. And then, back on the bus, the driver accompanied by the potholes will transport me to Villa Maria, the place where I was staying.

This is it, dear readers, my visit to New York ends here. I never went back without an American by my side.

Thank you for being with me, dear readers, as I remember this beautiful moment. So, as soon as I find, an American, wanting to travel to New York, then I will embark without pancakes and without saying I have heard of AlQuaida, of course. So let's go?

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