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on his back

Yesterday morning, a piece of Le Devoir in the right hand, while for the left hand it will be a small bible.

So I start to meditate and pray, closing my eyes. In fact, you can concentrate more while doing this. In truth, I have been praying since I was 4 years old, but this practice intensified with contact with the Church of Emmaus. As I close my eyes, as members of the church community do, I hear the little call of an eagle. He approaches me often and gently. This morning he is vindictive and invites me to ride on his back. I couldn't believe it and glided gently on the back of the eagle, a true Pilot. Once up, he reassures me by saying: tell me where you would like to go, and we will go. Hold on, properly and hold on tight to my coat. We take off, peacefully. So, I answer this question easily because it is present in my head, I say it by shouting a little: Westmount. To Jane and Mélanie.

Ok. It's not too far so in a few flights, we'll be there.

He said to me: you know, pretty young lady: it's not often that I am asked for such a trip, Terrebonne to Westmount, unheard of. Can you tell me why this wish so pronounced and immediate?

He shouted to me: I'm listening, go tell. At that moment, dear reader, I say to myself in my heart: if you read this book, you will understand and would be ready, like me, this morning to go to Westmount.

In truth, my dear Pilot these giant ladies of Westmount and the community of Emmaus at large have turned my life upside down.

Dear Pilot, then I ask you if one day, a divine force appeared to you, touched you by indicating to you the next decisions which you will have to take, if not ...

Ok, if not, your life will be full of anxiety and misery. Of course, I tried to live, ignoring that voice: “Go to Westmount and become a teacher for a while. Okay? "

So, I became a lecturer at McGill and Concordia University. Applause from the students, charming engagement at Villeray and always that voice, repetitive "it's just for a limited time".

We had planned to buy a small house in Westmount.

The voice said enjoy it! Arrange to get to Westmount, integrate yourself, in Westmount. Obviously, your differences with these giants are huge, go over them, write them down, and don't forget to find me. Go ahead, I will support you

So that's it: meeting Mary, in the taxi, discovering Emmaus church, non-renewal of my teaching contract, a split after 7 years of passionate love, and then, this intense feeling that if I continued on this way, well, I would never be happy again and would have missed my life mission.

The loneliness was there, just the time to pray. Seeing Westmount approaching, I allow myself to say to the Pilot: could we go through Laval because I have little stories to tell you. Let's go, dear young lady.

It takes a small aerial turn and we resume our little peaceful flight.

You know, dear Pilot, I have often wondered, if I didn't have this subtle talent of making people laugh, and if I didn't manage to put this humor in place all the time, would I still have this gratitude and those compassionate and encouraging smiles?

What if I forgot to warm up their winter? And tell me, honestly dear Emmaus Community, would you like me if I dared show up to the many zoom meetings, poorly dressed with a bowed back. What if I could no longer get this inspiration that presents itself in my hands when I observe and admire these magnificent trees of Terrebonne?

Sometimes dear Pilot, I hardly dare ask them: would you still love me, if I were to spoil your image, so classy, ​​by interrupting you abruptly, very rudely. You know, dear Pilot, one day, I too would become less young and wiser. One day my youth will have taken a back seat, and I am afraid of losing my smile, and of being a real burden to this divine community of Emmaus. Without my smile recognized and admired enough, I might not be able to influence the members, nor make them laugh. I would only complain and suffer, all the time. Is it also true, with you dear readers, would I have managed to convert my smile, into letters with words, and more broadly into a novel? Would you tell me afterwards?

Wait, dear Pilot, could you take me to the Land of Freedom? For that, can I suggest you go higher?It was just that I was starting to frankly, really like this way of traveling: no adapted transport, traffic jams and having to have cash.

He replies quite firmly: I don't know where this place is.

Freedom, it's in your heart, pretty young lady, isn't it? With or not, these Westmount giants. Here, in France, or elsewhere. With your prayers, in France, or your praise, or even, nothing.

Stop moving your hands, you make me tremble. I can't go any higher anyway.

So dear Emmaus community, would you still be with me to hold my hand when I had no choice but to move on? And if it was you my dear ones, know that I would be there. If you wish, of course. Be sure, that I will shed my tears. They will flow without contempt.

Before leaving this world, I would say to you: thank you for everything and have a good trip.

A little saddened, the Pilot replied: you know, pretty lady, you humans are very intriguing.

As I realized that we were on the way back to Terrebonne, he explained: unlike us eagles, you are all very different.

It seems to me that you do not all speak the same language. Yes, but yet you all have the same wish, without really knowing what it is.

And then, too, you all have a different height and skin color. Say, why are there so many wars and conflicts? And why must the source of these conflicts always be your differences? And then, that one color is absolutely superior to another?

Could you explain all this to me, young lady?

So I close my eyes slightly and manage to say, trembling: My dear Pilot, I asked myself, all these questions in the first place, and then I started to write this book.

So, can I urge you, dear reader, to immerse yourself passionately in my book. Let's go?

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