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Thanks Jane, Mary Mélanie

It is Friday evening and finally my weekly trip from Terrebonne to Westmount is over.

As you may recall, the stiffness of my leg caused my whole body to be pricked all over the carcass.

As usual, I started to reflect on the past week, and this lesson that you gave me discreetly, politely and firmly as always.

It was about how to use it's exciting vs I'm excited.

I smile a little while quietly reciting Cor 2: 13 14.

How proud to know you, Ladies. The Lord made it possible for us to meet.

It's funny because here I get food 3 times a week regularly from 5 neighbors.

There is:

1) Huguette (at each request from me, her dishes are delicious)

2) Marie and 3) André (twice a week: a tourtière, shepherd's pie, some cookies and chocolate, sometimes)

4) Réal Blais provides food on request. Sometimes he comes with Huguette for a double delivery.

5) Pauline, from time to time.

All of these people bring me food as the three of you feed my intellect greatly and abundantly. Yes, you have taken it upon yourself, at all times, to feed me tirelessly. In fact, it looks like you've been patiently figuring out how to do it.

Okay, I pretty quickly (sorry if you found this too long) figured out that if I just hang on tight and just listen and write, then I could be fully sated.

A dream come true!

No one had ever done it before. The learning was never fast enough; I was always hungry for more. I always managed to challenge anyone impolitely.

And then, thanks to you 3, I met the Lord Jesus fully and also pray to Him at all times, putting my head down.

As I'm still a teacher, I get angry with an English-speaking or non-French-speaking student, when he always makes the same mistake when speaking French.

You have patiently ignored this repetitive mistake, of course, and as usual Melanie writes to me first to politely point it out to me while Jane goes to analyze it carefully and patiently. In agreement and without any mockery, you correct this huge mistake.

It only remains for me to thank you and warmly bless you for your task carried out with such grace.

I must also beg your pardon for all the time it takes me to fully assimilate it. Do you remember teaching vs learning?

Thank you for being there and for your unfailing patience.

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