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This story is so fabulous that it cannot continue to be lived without being told. and told again. This voice that screams repeatedly. Adeline, you forgot to write on them. Meeting these people is a divine miracle. Once again? Okay, tell it quickly. I have had no time for you.

Ohoh you seem impatient dear friend. Yes, I really like to speak and write in English. So, our meetings with the top 3 are daily. What a privilege! In fact, they know each other well but they never talk about me to each other. Something else to discuss, plan or exchange than to talk about the young Parisian guest. But let's see I'm thirsty to learn and to know you better Mesdames. I want to learn everything and work on the different lessons that you would like to teach me. I need to know and learn where your great class, discretion and excellence come from.

Are we really born with a straight back and a slight smile full of compassion and discretion? I do not think so.

In truth when a challenge arises on my way, I know that I have to work hard, bow my head and be respectfully humbl8. So get to work! The challenge is immense because of my big .... EGO. Yes, I thought I was perfectly bilingual. Even if sometimes (relatively often in truth) some students came to consult me complaining about ... my level of English. They didn't understand anything, I told myself. But back to the top 3 best Teachers. They are 78, 80 and 90 years old. Very fit and motivated to teach. They have a gift for doing so. Sunday morning it’s off one hour and half beautiful prayers and I tried the test of the back straight. Without moving my arms (because tied with a scarf). IT'S SO PAINFUL. I had turned the camera off. So, no one saw me. I was crying.

Hush I try to copy them but I would not say a word to them. At our last Zoom meeting I started laughing for nothing without control. A friend told me that it was nerve and that it happens to everyone. But then why me and at this time? Yes, it was with the Queen of 3, Mary.

I think she likes me but she is very strict with me. I have no right to any error: a ringing of the phone, an improper movement of the hands and that's it. I lower my head and wait, hoping not to explode with laughter, or collapse, too. Like that for no reason. The stress has increased. And now she says Adeline LISTEN. Her gaze is very negative. She's watching me closely. She corrects each of my words by saying start over and repeat again ... And again.

In fact, Mélanie and Jane are the same. Example in recent days Mélanie is the head of a study group to which I am graciously invited. Once I tried an easy reading. Full of confidence and arrogance. I start reading as best I can, quietly and peacefully. At the same time neither Jane and Mary were present so everything seemed easy and full of points to win. And ... Poof not finished yet and Mélanie says: ok Adeline I'm taking over. I swallowed all my confidence and my arrogance. I even blushed myself who never blush.

Of course, her study and the presentation was a huge success. What a pleasure to see you so generously disseminate and rank your knowledge, dear Mélanie

Ok interesting but you were talking about the top 3 and there are only 2. Yes (Mary) Yes (Mélanie) Yes (Jane).

In fact, one hour a week, Jane generously corrects the English mistakes in my texts. One of the last texts in full Zoom meeting she said to me: "What happened with this text? You did not finish it but sent it to me? Retreaded it yourself and do not start again.

Before you send it to me, read again a lot.

And then listen. And listen again. It’s true that you write well but we waste so much time because you are convinced that you are right. Ok. I find an error and tell you, but it is not enough because you absolutely must explain to me and demonstrate that you are right. Now with each error you will have a chance to defend it and ... next. One time we were talking about Mary and I interrupted her by saying to her: "Jane, I know I'm right because she told me “Come on Adeline in what language do you two speak? I answer in a shaky, blushing voice, in English.

Let's go to the next error in your text. I swallowed again with this embarrassing, humiliating and… truthful silence, right? So nice voice, I listen to you when you tell me: stop complaining, hang on and learn. Yes, I feel that I am changing quickly and am well on the new path that you have indicated to me.

Even if I still have a fear and an anguish: WHAT HAPPENS A 4TH TEACHER AT THE TOP 3! Will I be able to resist to say yes, come in and welcome, please? !

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