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Young lady Coronnette speaks with her Mum

Young lady: why do you want to send me to join Daddy on Earth?

Mum: to protect the life, dear Coronette. Look how I created it. It so beautiful.

Young lady: why did you put me inside an anteater?

Mum: Because the anteater and its species are endangered like many others. Men have poached it and continue to do it all the time. They also eat them and even build cups or medals to celebrate that their crimes are real victories. The anteater will only be a symbol and the first step in my lesson.

Young lady: why give birth to me in China?

Mum: China is becoming the number one human power in the world, girl It is a true symbol of globalization: wild exploitation of all forms of life, selfishness and greed of men. Quickly you will spread everywhere by following the same path followed by Humans.

Young lady: ok. I understand the reasons, but what form will you give me, Mum?

Mum: You will be one more life, nothing simpler than a virus. You will be invisible to them. You will be a little Corona virus. In fact, you will secretly affect their airways, their breath of life, their ways of breathing easily.

Coronette: But why, Mum?

Mum: they have polluted the Earth everywhere to feed and steal Its Treasures. And also, the Oceans and the Rivers. For Forests, same principle. They razed them by destroying the Life that gave birth to them. Humans are not yet satisfied even with the Heaven and the space around them. In fact, they always want more. They asphyxiated and smothered the Earth. What could be more symbolic than touching their breath? Yes, breathing is done for them "unconsciously".

Coronette: am I so dangerous Mum?

Mum: No more than other existing life forms, my dear girl, and much less than the humans themselves who have been at war for millennia because of their differences in skin, gender, nation, or beliefs. You will be much less dangerous than these pesticides, drugs or waste that they ingest a lot and often. They can't eat everything and they throw out good food while so many humans die of thirst, hunger and disease that they can cure but do not.

You, my girl, you will be invisible to them but they will see you everywhere and all at the same time.

Coronette: Do you think it'll work, dear Mum? I do not understand how?

Mum: Since Humans have lost their reason of the heart you will touch them in their body. Some by illness, others by emotions that they cannot taste in silence and listen with calm. You're also going to touch them for their spirit. They created a little temple of the little "me" where there is only selfishness, fear and anguish

I want to immobilize them completely and massively. Yes, as a kind of invitation for everyone in their inner world. Let them find out who they really are. Let them recognize that they are the same on all of planet Earth without any difference.

Coronette: are men going to be afraid of me?

Mum: Yes, as soon as you get to Earth. Then the pretension of their greed and then the deprivation of their so-called freedom will come. It will be followed by the collapse of their false social and economic values and of their beliefs. I want to immobilize them massively. Yes, a kind of invitation for everyone in their inner world, that they discover who they really are, in all lucidity and without masks.

Coronette: What will happen on Earth in the meantime, dear Mum?

Mum: Finally, the Earth will breathe. In this northern hemisphere in which it all started, spring will shine as it has never done for so long. When all is finished, for those who have worked to find peace of mind, well they will find the simple joy of being rather than the obligation to appear. When they look up, they will find out how beautiful life is, so precious and the air so pure. Able to see crystal clear waters. They will hear the song of the living and rediscover that they have a family, neighbors, they will smile about everything and nothing, even to the unknown and when they touch up the Earth, they will give more than they will take. Are there enough of them to create a new World? Free from Ego and from the world of Fear?

Coronette: you are hard and very severe Mum! You could have alerted them before hitting them so hard.

Mum: But little Coronette before you I sent lots of other little ones. Of all types, diseases, rainbows, a simple breeze or the sweetness of a flower or a tree to wrap them, even a handful of men to guide them. Few understood, and their world was so compartmentalized already.

Humans have immense hearts and courage. When they want to do something, they do it. Look, little Corona, their creation of great technologies. They used it to dominate and not to give.

For example, they went to the Moon and just planted a stupid flag there. Nothing else.

Coronette are you sure that Mankind will understand this time?

Mum: I ​​don't know, little girl, I have neither hope nor expectation, Men have always had their destiny in their hearts rather than in their hands, so perhaps they will be more numerous this time to be open to life and become their own light? We will see.

But I would do everything necessary to preserve the Earth.

Coronette: Thanks, Mum for sharing all of this.

Mum: so, are you ready now? Coronette: yes Mum, so I'm going.

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